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Strategy pond which includes purpose, living with change, making change visible and change in society


Strategy work for businesses in a double disrupted world

The fate of companies will be decided by their ability to renew themselves in the middle of an unpredictable operating environment, a climate crisis threatening the Earth’s ecological capacity and other global change dynamics. This is especially emphasised by the ongoing pandemic. Operating in turbulence requires that the company reassesses the purpose of its existence, constructs a bold vision of the future and ensures that the entire organisation is committed to the change. In an unpredictable operating environment, strategies cannot be carved in stone; they need to be based on a constantly updated vision of the future. Ellun Kanat can help you formulate and update your strategy, both in times of crisis and when times are calmer. 

In the long term, a company or organisation should involve everyone in observing and analysing the future and in implementing the changes and experiments. Weak signals are often visible to those who are involved with customers and the everyday work of the company, away from the management floors. Customer needs are undergoing constant change. Involving the company’s employees in anticipating the future creates an ability to change and see different opportunities.

Strategy and change projects will not happen unless they are prioritised, staged and continuously developed. Implementing the changes requires tenacity, trust, experimentation and scaling what you have learned together. In a rapidly changing world, developing business and embedding change is a holistic process of learning together. This will not succeed without a strong culture that the senior management also values. Regardless of the organisation model, the management’s understanding of their own role will be crucial. A manager cannot create change alone, but they can stop it alone. 

In the complex era of the double disruption, a wider understanding of the future and the operating environment, clarifying the company’s significance, problem solving within multisectoral teams and working towards the strategy together across the entire organisation will be emphasised further in strategy work. Innovation aiming towards change will be continuous, and the company will then not be caught by surprise in a rapidly changing world. The crisis created by the pandemic emphasises the ability to both react quickly and to analytically build a forward-looking image of the future.

We make sense of change and help carry it out into everyday practice through strategy work

We help to carry out and live with change: Without an ability to change, even the best of strategies cannot be implemented. We strengthen our clients’ capability to change and support them face the challenges of e.g. self-directing, change management and dissatisfaction at work. With our help, our clients have a better understanding of what leadership is in the future and what it means in practice. We also tackle the challenges related to employer branding and corporate culture. 

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Change agent, business director
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