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Double disruption

What every company needs to know about the future

When the Earth received a best before date, the tones of the world we know were permanently altered. Companies still struggling with the pressure from digitalisation and smartphones have already been challenged again. We must boldly start deciding how we, as businesses, can operate sustainably on a planet that is at the limit of its ecological capacity. To add to all this, the COVID-19 pandemic is challenging businesses, society and the economy in unforeseen ways. No one knows what the future will bring; however, foresight and surveying the possible futures allows for seeking answers even in the middle of a crisis.

No one can succeed on this transformation journey alone. We will inevitably encounter challenges that cannot be solved by referring to past data. This is why we need partners who can help us see clearer, shake our thinking and find future-proof solutions.

Change will always be painful. A company will need to challenge itself and everything it knows: its purpose, value, business model and way of operating within society. The ability to transform is the key skill.

Executive Summary of Double Disruption

See the picture in a bigger form

At the same time, a company needs to care about its people. Pressure for change, the current crisis, the flood of messages and the rate of change has also brought humans to the limits of their capacity. We cannot survive unless we boldly break the old patterns. We can only build something new and durable by rethinking.

In other words, the options are to transform or die. We need to make the change real. The change is also assisted by the world’s best tool: communication. Even in times of turbulence, we must dare to look ahead and find the means of building the future. 

Communication is the key to change 

For a change to be successful, it needs to be paired up with strategic communication from the get-go.. 

The direction of change: We support companies and organisations utilise data to create a realistic picture of their current situation in the middle of disruption. With the help of our tools in future foresight and scenario work, you have an opportunity to get ahead of your competitors and start building your future on your own terms. 

Living with change: We improve our clients’ preparedness for the future and help to manage the challenges brought on by self-direction, change management and dissatisfaction at work. We make change understandable and guide with its implementation to everyday life.

Making change visible: We serve as a sparring partner for companies and organisations in communicating change successfully both internally and externally. We create insightful concepts and campaigns that capture attention. 

Change in society: We encourage our clients to contribute societal conversation and to clarify their meaning in the world of double disruption. Instead of outdated lobbying, we use the tools of modern influencing.